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Carlos Hardy

Carlos was honest and smart and had the highest personal integrity of anyone I have ever known about people.



Phone: 020 8205 3272
Address: 163 Edgware Road,
Colindale, NW96 London,


Dining Room

The dining room by nature is simple space. Unlike a kitchen or living room, which often has multiple purposes.

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[wpc_menu_heading heading=”STARBUZZ Menu“][wpc_menu title=”BLUE MIST” desc=”light, sweet, blueberry/cotton candy flavour. it’s a great shisha to start with, and is perfect for daily sessions.
” label=”Popular” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″][wpc_menu title=”PINK MIST” desc=”Enjoy the light raspberry flavour in Pink! Some say there’s even a hint of lemonade underneath it all.” label=”Popular” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1182″][wpc_menu title=”CITRUS MIST” desc=”Timeless shisha mix that a citrus blast of sweet fruit flavours” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″][wpc_menu title=”BLUEBERRY SPLASH” desc=”Smooth and buttery, as if your taste buds dreamed” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″][wpc_menu title=”SEX ON THE BEACH” desc=”Flavour combines one part lemon and one part orange, shake, and serve under a hot coal twist!” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″]
[wpc_menu title=”TROPICAL MIST” desc=”Tropical fruits like pineapple and citrus are present in this flavour, with just a hint of mint.” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″][wpc_menu title=”PIRATES CAVE” desc=”A no non-sense, swashbucklin’, lemon-lime explosion!” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″][wpc_menu title=”CODE 69″ desc=”Fruit punch flavour mixed with thick clouds of tart citrus.” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″][wpc_menu title=”SAFARI MELON” desc=”Wild melon flavour that is sweet and soothing to those melon lovers” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″][wpc_menu title=”CODE BLUE” desc=”Wild combination of blue-mist mixed with chocolate to provide a strong but cloudy shisha” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″][wpc_menu title=”COCOJUMBO” desc=”Put ‘da lime in ‘da coconut and smoke it all up! A lime and coconut mix that leaves you wondering how it tastes so good.” price=”£ 15″ menu_image=”1183″]
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